In order to receive financing from the Fund, in addition to other documents, Applicants shall also submit to the Fund reports on a legal, financial, tax inspection, property or business appraisal or another inspection required by the Fund, depending on the specifics of the Applicant’s activities and the investment.

In making investment decisions, the Fund will only be able to rely on reports drafted by professional service providers having appropriate qualifications, experience and means to provide quality Applicant screening services.

Service providers will be hired by the Applicant, but will also be obliged to act for the benefit of the Fund and will be responsible to the Fund for the quality of the screenings carried out.

In pursuit of promptness of screening procedures, the Fund will compile a list of recommended service providers for conducting financial, tax, legal inspections, property or business appraisals.

All service providers who wish to be included in the list of recommended service providers may apply to the Fund, submitting with their application documents proving their qualifications in accordance with the procedure provided for in the Description of the Procedure for Selection of Providers of Services of Legal, Financial, Tax Inspections, Property and Business Appraisals of the Limited Partnership State Aid Fund for Business, who will Perform Screenings of Applicants. Please send your applications by e-mail:

Last updated: 22 10 2020