When choosing a financing instrument, the company shall assess how the company’s financial condition and debt financial indicators will change after receiving the aid.

Aid measure

Debt securities

Aid amount

starting from EUR 1 million

When should it be chosen? If the support is needed for a longer period of time, and the company’s debt financial indicators are sufficiently good, the recommendation is to opt for aid in the form of debt securities.
Maximum term 6 years
Additional conditions Loans and bonds for one company may not exceed 25% of its turnover in 2019.


Should debt instrument financing significantly deteriorate the financial condition and indicators of the company, the company should choose an instrument that has the characteristics of share capital rather than a debt instrument.

The company having decided to apply for aid shall complete an application (download an application form).

The application shall provide information about the company, its shareholders and managers, the need for financing, operating forecasts for several years, its financial condition in the last three financial years, etc., which shall be as detailed as possible.

Submit a completed application.

Last updated: 28 10 2020